Environment Policy

J.B. Barbour & Co. Ltd

Environmental Policy Statement

The Environmental Policy Statement is presented under the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act.

  • The Directors have overall responsibility for the environmental policy statement within the company.
  • All employees have a responsibility to adhere to the Environmental Protection Act and related guidance.
  • The company is committed to complying with UK and EC legislation and with Government initiatives relating to the environment.
  • The management of environmental issues is an integral part of the company’s system for planning, allocating and controlling resources.
  • Employees will receive suitable training on environmental issues, such as pollution and recycling.
  • The company will reduce discharges and emissions to the air, water or land and take any necessary actions to prevent pollution occurrence.
  • The company will reduce consumption of raw materials, purchase materials from sustainable sources and, where feasible, increase the use of recycled materials.
  • The company will reduce the amount of waste arising from work activities and segregate waste materials (i.e. timber, plastics, metals, substances, etc.) for recycling, where appropriate.
  • The company will ensure that waste is disposed of in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ Duty of Care legislation and guidance.
  • Waste Transfer Notes will be given, sought and retained by the company.
  • The company recognises the legitimate interest employees and external sources have in its management of environmental issues.
  • The company will make the environmental policy statement available to employees and respond constructively to external requests for information.
  • This policy statement will be reviewed and revised annually to take account of changes in legal requirements and company commitments.
  • The company will seek advice from a specialist consultant as, and when, required.