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It is imperative to keep sites tidy during the works and also to clean the site thoroughly before it is handed back to the client to begin trading from their store.

There are normally two types of clean on any project.

Builder's Clean

Builders cleaning is often described as the removal of dust and debris that are generated from works being carried out on site.  It is important to keep the site clean during the construction phase of a fit out and therefore builders cleans can be carried out several times during a project.

The benefits include reducing dust particle content in the air and hazards are not allowed to develop from the debris lying around.

Another benefit of a builders clean is to assess the quality of the construction . When a new fit out  or refurbishment is covered in dust and debris it can difficult for the contractors and site managers to ensure that all work is being completed to the right standards.   Regular cleaning helps to ensure that all works are being carried out as specified.

Sparkle Clean

As the project approaches handover the cleaning requires to move into another gear.    This is often referred to as a sparkle clean.   This is an in depth final cleaning that gives attention to all areas including walls, flooring, fixtures and fittings. The sparkle cleaning is essential as it provides the wow factor required before the building is handed over to the end users.  The snaps below were taken as our sparkle  clean progressed.


Tue 13th Nov 2018

Glencoe Visitors Centre -

Glencoe Visitors Centre

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Wed 2nd May 2018

Another fit out delivery on time -

Another fit out delivery on time

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